Client Survey


The RKD Group is grounded in the belief that the most critical indicator of our success is the impact we have on our clients. Therefore, we have instituted a disciplined process for soliciting, measuring and evaluating client feedback. More than any other factor, we value our client’s opinions as we assess our progress and seek to continuously improve how we deliver value.

While we frequently seek verbal client feedback during and at the conclusion of specific engagements, through a formal Client Feedback Questionnaire, our clients also quantify their perspectives on our performance. We are extremely proud of what our clients say about the RKD Group in their responses. In fact, they were satisfied or better on more than 97% of their responses. Considering the level of difficulty for our engagements (we solve tough problems), this is remarkable.

This is based on how they rated us in the following areas:

  1. Our understanding of your needs
  2. The thoroughness of our approach
  3. Our diagnosis of problems/issues
  4. The depth/relevance of our analysis
  5. The quality of our recommended solutions
  6. The process we follow in working with you
  7. The value received for the cost
  8. The level of involvement of your resources in our project(s)
  9. The impact of our work on your organization’s effectiveness
  10. Our responsiveness to you
  1. Our ability to meet deadlines
  2. The accessibility of the principal who served you
  3. Our ability to adapt to your company’s style
  4. Our communications with you:
    • Written materials
    • Telephone interactions
    • Billing
    • Project status/progress updates
  5. The relationship we maintain with organization on an ongoing basis
  6. How well we listen to and anticipate your needs
Additionally, while not scored in a quantitative manner, we also solicit qualitative responses to the following questions:

  • Have our recommendations been implemented?
  • Did we solve the problem?
  • Are our charges in line with your expectations?
  • Do we contribute to improvements in your Company’s performance?
  • Are we helpful beyond the scope of our project(s)?
  • How would you evaluate your overall experience with the RKD Group?
  • Would you consider working with us again? For what types of assignments?
  • Are there any issues in our relationship with you that need to be discussed?
  • What can we do differently to serve you better?

This rigorous feedback process enables us to build on how we deliver impactful results that exactly meet our client’s needs. And while our client satisfaction scores are the best in the consulting industry, we are unrelenting in our quest to be better tomorrow than we are today.