The RKD Group is nationally recognized for its expertise in linking investments in human capital to business strategy execution.

Our problem solving approach focuses on the fundamental drivers of individual and group performance.

The RKD Group is a high impact, management consulting firm committed to helping clients implement strategy by addressing the real issues that enable employees to drive measurable and sustainable business results.

Our consultants have served clients in a wide variety of industries by helping them implement their business strategies, improve operational effectiveness and enhance their underlying organizational skills. Our clients improve their return on human capital by answering such fundamental and challenging questions as:

  • What are the critical processes, roles and performance measures that most make a difference to business success?
  • How can companies organize, mobilize, and motivate their work force in the fast-changing and sophisticated knowledge-based work place?
  • How can companies reward executives, managers and employees more effectively for their individual and group contributions to the organization?
  • How can companies win the war for talent, and develop and retain those high performers that most make a difference?

We employ the consulting approach which best delivers the results you need.

What our clients say

Our consultants have worked in a variety of industries including consumer products, financial services, durable goods, healthcare, mining, chemical, professional services, hospitality, telecommunications, higher education and government.

“Glenn is high energy professional who always brings a business percepective to all of his engagements. He always seeks to turn data into information that both HR and the business find actionable. His experience across many industires allows him to bring a unique insight.”
George Murphy - SVP Total Rewards, HR Technology and Operations at Lincoln Financial Group

“Glenn’s work was outstanding. He was able to cut right to the heart of our firms issues and develop a strategy which yielded tremendous results to our bottome line.”
Michael Holmes - Former CHRO at Express Scripts and Edward Jones